Thursday, June 4, 2015

Valerie Casey 6/4/2015

Today is the second day of the Conference! The sun is shining and the short walk to the University College Cork will be a pleasant trip.  Sunset occurred at 9:46 p.m. last night and it was daylight when the alarm sounded at 6:00 a.m so it feels as if the sun never sets in Ireland! We will need plenty of daylight to accomplish all we have planned today!
We students are getting into a rhythm and met at the local cafĂ© for a quick breakfast before we headed to the Conference. This morning we were first greeted by Steven with Paddywagon tours who guided us on the tour of the Kerry road. It’s so nice to see a familiar face within the local community to share stories and greetings!

Matthew, Nan, and Valerie with a presenter at UFHRD 2015

For the Conference, everyone chose breakout sessions to attend and will prepare  reports on them to share with the other students. All of us will attend the Keynote talks. This morning's speaker, Michael Morley with the University of Limerick, welcomed us with a traditional Irish greeting loosely translated as, “welcome and 20,000 welcomes among us”, which seems fitting for the hospitable way we have been treated during our visit! Tonight, after a full day of talks we are off to Ballymaloe House for dinner entertainment and dancing! 
The group getting ready to go to Ballymaloe House!

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