Monday, March 2, 2015

Attending the UFHRD 2015 Conference in Ireland--Meet our team!


A delegation of students and faculty is attending the University Forum on Human Resource Development (UFHRD) 2015 conference that will take place at the University College Cork, in Ireland.  In addition to their conference activities, which includes presentations by faculty and students, the group will also have lectures for the course "Leadership Development Across Cultures."  After the conference, they will travel to Limerick, and then to Dublin as their final stop before returning to Louisville.

Here is our team.  Get to meet them!

Mrs. Tammy Albers

Mr. Nan Wang

Mr. Michael Barbieri

Ms. Sharry Bain

Mr. Matthew Van Thyne

Ms. Dagmar Hilsher

Mrs. Diane Hawes

Ms. Jennifer Crase

Ms. Chelsea McKendree

Ms. Shelley Gardner

Dr. Ann Herd

Dr. Kevin Rose