Sunday, June 14, 2015

Staff Rides!

One of our assignments while we were in Ireland was to facilitate a staff ride for our classmates.  Essentially, we picked a destination on our itinerary and discussed a leader associated with that place.  We created discussion questions about that place and leader to get our classmates thinking about what it means to be a global leader.

When we visited the Blarney Castle, Diane Hawes gave her staff ride on the legend of the Blarney Stone.

The class in front of the Blarney Castle!

Diane facilitating her staff ride.

When we visited King John's Castle in Limerick, Shelly presented her staff ride, followed by Mike and Matt.  Shelly facilitated a great discussion on the leadership style (or lack thereof!) of King John.  Mike and Matt talked about the leadership of Garret Barry.

Getting ready to hear some staff rides and visit King John's Castle!

At the top of King John's Castle

Looking at the Shannon River from King John's Castle: Dr. Ann Herd, Tammy Albers, and Dr. Kevin Rose
Braving the weather at Ladies View-Ring of Kerry
At the Tarc Waterfall-Ring of Kerry: Tammy Albers, Michael Babieri, Emily Griffin, Dr. Ann Herd, and Chelsea McKendree
From the top of King John's Castle

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