Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jenn Crase 6/7/2015

If you were not on this trip, today was the day for you to be completely jealous of.  If you were on the trip, there were no other words than amazing for the day we had -- probably my very favorite day of the whole trip.

First, we were able to sleep in a little bit (like 7:30 but it was still nice).  Dagmar, Matt, and Dr. Rose headed out early and purchased food at the local gas station -- I know it sounds silly to buy groceries at a gas station but it was the closest place and it was pretty impressive on having the food we needed.  As an added bonus, the attendant checking them out decided to serenade Dagmar singing, "Put your head on my shoulder" -- not a typical gas station experience.  Once back at the hotel (which was more like a hostel), we had an amazing breakfast experience.  It was great how everyone chipped in and helped out -- some cooked, some chopped, some warmed the butter, some washed but it was a great community effort and a great breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, fruits and vegetables.

Next we boarded a bus for our travels to the Cliffs of Mohr.  I had my staff ride so on the bus, each traveler listened to a six minute story about Durty Nelly.  We arrived at the Bunratty Castle where Durty Nelly was the toll-bridge keeper and started a restaurant.  I shared her story and we stayed for about an hour and a half for a castle tour, some shopping, and a walk through the gardens.

Once back on the bus, we took a short ride to one of Ireland's beaches.  We took a great group photo with the water as our back drop and then got a chance to put our feet in the water.  It was very cold but made several of us very happy (myself included).  Some brave souls tried a local treat -- periwinkles.  Just take off the cap, dig them out, and enjoy.  Dr. Rose I think enjoyed them the most.  They were very salty.

Matt Eating Periwinkles

Matt Eating Periwinkles

Matt Eating Periwinkles
After a short 30 minute drive we arrived at the Cliffs.  We spent just under three hours but it was defiantly not enough.  I think we walked over 4 miles this day which was only a third of the total walking path.  Some of us were much braver then others (kudos to Tammy and Jason for really pushing the envelope of being fearless).  The pictures do not even do this place justice.  It was simply beautiful - a once in a lifetime experience.  We were all exhausted but the day was not even close to being over!

We ended our day at another castle where we enjoyed a fabulous Medieval dinner with outstanding entertainment.  There were about 125 people who attended this dinner but amazingly enough, Lord Matt and Lady Emily were chosen as two of the eight royal guests.  Lord Mike was also deemed a prisoner who had to sing for his freedom (otherwise his ears would be cut off)!  The food was great, the singing and dancing was wonderful, and the over all experience was an outstanding way to bring the trip to a close.

It took about 45 minutes to return to the hotel where most of us quickly packed up and headed to bed.  We will be headed to Dublin in the morning!

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