Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mike Barbieri 6/2/2015

Today was a good day.  Not for one specific reason, but for many.  Today I was able to witness and enjoy the company and comradery of my classmates.  We toured the campus of an honored educational institution, the University College Cork, Ireland.  The history and tradition were readily visible everywhere you turned, from the celebration of the birth of George Boole, to the statue of Finn Barr atop the peak of the college, to the stained glass windows of the chapel created by Harry Clark we were all given inspiration by the creativity and craftsmanship that was put into the architectural design of the college.  It is amazing to hear the stories of how this college, county, and country have adapted and evolved through the many centuries that is has existed.  To hear such depth of history really puts things into perspective when you are from a country that is a mere 240 years old.  The appreciation that the Irish people have for their country’s history is impressive and it is a joy to see them express themselves as they share it.

We followed up our tour with an amazing interaction with Mr. Mark Sheehan, HR Manager for EMC; a global business partner.  His knowledge of the HR field is only surpassed by his passion for his work.  It was a truly beneficial meeting and I am sure that everyone attending gleaned something from it that will assist them in their careers.

Following a short break for tea and cakes, we proceeded to the City Centre to meet with Dr. Collette Kelleher, the CEO of the COPE Foundation.  What an amazing organization.  I recommend that you check out what they are doing to incorporate those with special needs back into society as fully contributing members.  The work they are doing is incredible and is paying large dividends in supporting the community and the personnel within it.


We finished up the evening with a team building event at the Franciscan Well, which was hosted by the staff at UCC.  It was great to meet and bond with colleagues from Georgetown, and George Washington University as we shared our experiences thus far.  I look forward to what the remainder of the trip will provide.

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