Sunday, May 31, 2015

Next Stop, Dublin! 5/30/2015

Our 10-hour layover in Newark is coming to an end, and we will soon board the plane for Dublin!  Although we were all exhausted and sleep-deprived when we got off the plane, we took advantage of our time in the airport and went over the itinerary for our trip, expectations of the course, and had a great discussion about what it means to be a global leader. 

One of my major takeaways from our discussion is that it is vital to this trip and our development as international leaders that we understand our own cultural preferences and biases and keep an open mind when interacting with people from other cultures.  Otherwise, it is easy to misinterpret behavior and view a simple miscommunication as rudeness or disagreement. Dr. Herd and Dr. Rose have challenged each of us to talk with the people we meet in Ireland about global leadership and to ask them what they have learned about different cultures in their travels.  I am so excited to meet new people and hear about their thoughts on international leadership!  

-Chelsea McKendree

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